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Laborers’ Local #633 is one of over five-hundred local unions that belong to the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA). LIUNA was formed in 1903 with the thought of “A Fair Day’s Work for A Fair Day’s Pay”. Driven by the need for safe working conditions, equality for all, and appropriate pay, eight thousand members united together. Today membership has risen to near a million.

LIUNA has been a major force in the history of this country and the Union Movement. In the roaring twenties the Union backed calls by African Americans to be allowed full and equal status and denied permission for segregated unions to be founded. The Fifties brought Pension and Health Funds to the minds of the American people, and LIUNA responded by becoming one of the first to create these plans for its membership. During the late Seventies and all through the Eighties LIUNA worked hard to establish training centers to improve education and training for all of its workers.

Today Laborers’ Local #633 proudly continues these traditions. Encompassing Cayuga, Onondaga and Oswego Counties the local provides skilled, certified, and reliable workers to projects within these limits. All members referred to jobs in its jurisdiction have completed at a very minimum the 10 Hour OSHA training class, and have been certified. Qualifications for completion of the existing Apprentice program are strictly adhered to, and consist of many hours of training, many State and Federal licenses and the sincere expectation of providing the most capable and qualified workforce within the existing jurisdictional boundaries.

Coordination between our training facility and contractors specifically needed skills has resulted in a vast array of scheduled classes that both benefit our members and the contractors that employ them. Contractors have the ability to obtain large workforces trained and certified in asbestos removal, Haz-Mat work, pipeline work, road repair and construction, along with a large group of more specific skills, within shorter time periods than available through other sources.

Along with concentration on increasing membership skills, maintaining a decent wage, providing health care coverage and retirement benefits, Local #633 is also committed to a strong investment in the communities in which we live. Regular contributions are made to support charities, fund raising drives, and youth group activities along with in kind services whenever possible. Laborers’ Local #633 is a proud member of theses counties and pledges it support and help whenever it is needed.